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Air Handling Units or AHUs
Buy from us both, ceiling mounted and floor mounted air handling units. These AHUs offered by Revlon Industries is useful in maintaining the indoor air quality in hospitals, clean rooms, labs, institutes, hotels, server rooms, etc.

Industrial Puf Panel
Industrial PUF Panel is used in the domain of building roofs and walls. It is highly durable and light in weight available with high strength.
Air Washer System
Get from us central air washer system and industrial air washer system. This system is helpful not only in improving the quality of air that passes through it, but also maintain the consistency in environment by adjusting the humidity levels.
Air Grills
The kinds of air grill you can find at Revlon Industries, include but not limited to double deflection air grill, curved grill, filter frame combination air grill, and linear air grill. Air supply in a room is coordinated by this system.
Cooling Coils
Avail from Revlon Industries a variety of cooling coils, from water coil, booster coil to HVAC cooling coil. These are used in air handling equipment for controlling the indoor temperature. These are available in different sizes and material.
Air Dampers
Revlon Industries is a trusted provider of air dampers, including duct dampers, collar air dampers, fire dampers, etc. Our 2009 established company provide air ventilation solutions. These systems can efficiently control airflow within ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Air Diffuser
Whether you want an air diffuser in square, round, rectangular or helical swirl shape, we can help you in this. Our company manufactures a range of air diffusers in aluminum and PVC materials for maintaining the proper ventilation in any room they are installed in.
Laminar Air Flow
Revlon Industries is a provider of laminar air flow in grey, silver, skin, black, and yellow colors. This modular, pre-fabricated device is easy to assemble in hospitals, homes, shops and corporate buildings.
Air Filters
Whether you are from film, telecom, food, pharmaceutical, electronics or any other industry, you can meet your requirement for air filters at Revlon Industries. Our company supplies dual air filters, pre air filters, and microvee filters equipment.

HEPA Terminal Box
Whether you want terminal mounting HEPA boxes or HEPA terminal filter boxes, you can trust Revlon Industries. Our almost a decade old company supply these aluminum  and stainless steel perforated sheet made box for air intake and extract systems.

Heating Coils
These high-end Heating Coils are available in sturdy materials to ensure to provide the best performance for years to come. They are damage resistant coils provided in anti-abrasive design.
Expansion Coils
Expansion Coils are engineered for delivering maximum heat transfer efficiency in different operating conditions. They are provided in heavy-duty design with minimum maintenance features.
Aluminium Louvers
Buy from Revlon Industries, corrosion, temperature and abrasion resistant aluminium louvers. These are majorly installed in homes, offices and industries, as ventilation solutions. These are window blinds with horizontal slats and wire mesh.
Water Eliminators
Revlon Industries is a producer of water eliminators that are made from FRP and nylon material. Once fabricated, it goes under galvanized surface treatment. It is mainly used in HVAC system, for removing water particles in the single pass of air.
Cold Ware Houses
These Cold Warehouses are developed for the cold storage of different perishable and other goods. They are developed for the proper and safe storage of products for adding to their life.
Industrial HVAC System
This modern Industrial HVAC System is used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning the indoors to provide a comfortable environment. It provides excellent thermal comfort and enhances indoor air quality.
Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet
Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet is available in sturdy and durable design to provide the best performance in different applications. It comes in strong structure for ensuring maximum efficacy.
Fume Hoods
This durable and hard-wearing Fume House is available in sturdy designs to provide exceptional performance. It is easy to clean and maintain fume house providing the best results.
Exhaust Axial Fan
It is a hard-wearing and sturdy Exhaust Axial Fan that can be easily mounted on windows and walls of kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, etc. It comes with lower noise levels and vibration; hence it is ideal for indoor cultivation.