Air Diffuser

It isn't extremely abnormal when you don't see our Air Diffusers. This is a certain sign that we have completed a great job. Calm, free of draft and very much intended to mix in among different fittings in their environment, our air diffusers give rooms a crisp, invigorating indoor atmosphere, without our faculties perceiving this; without exasperating us in our day by day life. The undeniable contrast between our distinctive Air Diffusers is their appearance. With a specific end goal to mix in into the stylistic layout of the room and inspire its general impression, they have to look a specific way; yet the outline of these items is additionally unequivocal for their capacity.

Key Features:

1) Configuration make it easier than even to change the dissemination design
2) Are completely tried to guarantee safety in the rooms
3) Have compelling sound attenuating attributes
4) Have adaptable area alternatives that empower limit the volume
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PVC Air Diffuser

Price: 850 INR
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
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Aluminum Air Diffuser

Price: 850 INR
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
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Swirl Air Diffusers

Price: 750 INR

These Swirl Diffusers are easy to mount on the ceiling in order to keep room temperature in control. High in demand for use in large gathering, cinema halls and railway stations, these are suitable for those areas where there is large number of people are present. Available in different sizes and specifications, these diffusers can be even customized in accordance with the specific demands of clients. We specifically design these diffusers in such a way that they deliver horizontal and radial air pattern with a turbulent and high entrainment jet. These are highly suitable for high heating or cooling differentials.

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Square Air Diffusers

Price: 15,600 INR

Specifically designed taking into consideration the constraints with the modular ceilings, these Square Diffusers are available with removable cores. These are wisely manufactured under the strict guidance of senior professionals using high quality materials. Available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions for meeting various air-conditioning requirements, these diffusers have smooth edges. These diffusers are easy to install and remove without special tools. These diffusers maintain true 360° horizontal air pattern even at low air volumes.

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Rectangular Air Diffusers

Price: 650 INR

These Rectangular Diffusers are widely used for maintaining a specific temperature inside the room. These diffusers are designed with multiple rectangular spaces in order to keep drafting the fresh air. It is highly suitable for air distribution in houses and offices. These diffusers are provided with a removable front plate for easy cleaning and easy adjustment of air flow. Highly appreciated for their low noise level, these can be easily wall mounted.