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Air Washer System

Air Washer Systems are the gadgets utilized for cooling. It depends on the psychrometry. It is investigation of the properties of wet air. A single washer is utilized for molding air. As appeared, in an air washer air comes in coordinate contact with a shower of water and there will be a trade of heat and mass (water vapor) amongst air and water with Air Washer Systems. The outlet state of air relies on the temperature of water showered noticeable all around washer. Henceforth, by controlling the water temperature remotely, it is conceivable to control the outlet states of air, which at that point can be utilized for aerating and cooling purposes.

Key Features:

1) Intended for smallness and inflexible development
2) Pre-coated sheet is offered with sandwich sort board
3) Dynamically and statistically adjusted
4) Blowers engine mounted on anti-vibration cushion

Industrial Air Cooling System

  • Supply Ability:5 Per Week
  • Usage:industrial
  • Color:Blue
  • Material:Other, Mild Steel / Aluminum / Galvanized Iron
  • Product Type:Industrial Air Cooling System
Price: 200000 INR/Piece

Central Air Washer System

  • Supply Ability:5 Per Week
  • Material:Galvanized Iron,Mild Steel, Other
  • Color:Blue
  • Product Type:Central Air Washer System
  • Usage:industrial
Price: 300000 INR

Industrial Air Washer System

  • Usage:industrial
  • Product Type:Industrial Air Washer System
  • Color:Blue
  • Material:Other, Mild Steel
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Week
Price: 200000 INR/Unit